Salsa Colada

Unleash your SEXY!! Salsa Colada is a Latin dance class created by Juliany Qureshi. She uses sexy styling and the upbeat rhythms of Bachata, Salsa, Merengue and Samba to tone and sculpt your body while giving you self-esteem and confidence. Ladies only classes are fun, easy to follow and provide you with a feel good workout while learning authentic latin dance steps.

A little more about the founder:

Juliany Qureshi, Born Juliany Cornejo has been surrounded by dance her entire life and has taken the talent she was born with to the greatest heights with every intention of continuing her ascension to even taller peaks. A Regina Local dancer and choreographer who plans on taking the City by storm with every rhythmic move she makes.

Born and raised in the beautiful Republic of El Salvador, Juliany Qureshi comes from a family of teachers. Her father was a teacher and her mother the owner of a Private school. Teaching came to her the same way learning to speak does. It’s not something you think about, it’s something you simply know. “I think of diverse ways to make teaching fun, my goal is to teach a person to fall in love with my craft, Love comes before anything. Training hard comes after”. From experience, Qureshi quickly learned most dance disciplines have a so called “expiry date” after a certain age, most dancers stop the very dance they were once passionate and committed about no matter how involved they once were. Latin dance is one discipline that allows you to continue indefinitely as it does not demand much from your body except for a little rhythm and passion.

Qureshi’s inherent love of Latin dance did not begin at her home country, this was acquired once she Immigrated to Canada. Canada provided Qureshi with an opportunity to re-invent herself into any person she wanted to be. It was clear Salsa Dancing was to become part of this being she carefully constructed in her mind. Dancing became the center of her world and though she obtained a Diploma in Interior Design, Followed by a degree in Human Justice and a minor in Anthropology- dance was parallel to every intellectual goal she set for herself. At the hands of a friend who brought Qureshi into her love of dance. “I was enchanted”; she says of that first encounter with a Salsa Lover, and decided to start training to become a more complete dancer. Self taught in Salsa though Qureshi has a Ballet background of 10 years, 2 years or Contemporary dance, 2 years of Olympic Gymnastics, In 1994, Qureshi landed her first job as a professional dancer, and has not stopped working professionally since. Salsa Colada was founded in 2008 and since, Qureshi has performed locally with her students at Mosaic at both the Latin and Brazillian Pavillions, Cathedral Arts Festival various Saskatchewan public and private events. The first Salsarinas classes started in 2013 when her only daughter became 3 years old.