Wear something breathable while ensuring you will be comfortable in it! Many dancers wear workout attire like yoga pants, capris or shorts and a tank top.

Salsarinas are encouraged to wear ballet slippers in order to make their movements easier as well as to allow them to point their toes while learning the steps.  As far as outfits, let your little one wear whatever they want so to make their experience stress free and fun.  Many like to wear fairy or princess dresses as well as dance gear.  This depends on their individual personality.  Boys on the other hand, would wear pants or shorts with a comfortable shoe.

No, experience is not required for any of my classes as we touch on basics on almost every lesson in order to allow new people to catch on the steps easily.

No need to buy dance shoes but if you have them and want to bring them- that’s wonderful! If you wear heels that are not designed to be dance shoes just make sure they slide easily on the floor and they have a back on them (and preferably a strap) for ankle support. The key is you need to be able to slide your feet across the dance floor. Just wearing socks or light grip-free slippers also works great!

Yes, drop in fee is $15.00 and you are welcome to drop in if you are not able to commit to the full class package.

Advertised class fees are are the only expense you will make unless you decide to buy more workout gear or salsa shoes, as these are recommended but not enforced.

Due to the limited available spaces, Salsa Colada is unable to offer refunds after subscription to any of our classes.