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Quality time for mother and daughter

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Welcome (Bienvenidos) to Salsa Colada.

Fall 2023 class registration will open shortly. In the mean time please join us at the Latin Pavilion for Mosaic.

All dance lessons at beginner level are broken down so anyone with
absolutely no dance experience can easily follow and excel. Our Salsa Dance Studio is focused on YOU.  Join our Salsa classes and learn some hot and stylish Salsa moves as we feel Salsa Dancing should be the best part of the week.

Welcome to our Ladies only Salsa Dance Studio in Regina. Here you can find more about us and our services. For any questions or inquiries feel free to drop us a line

Why Ladies Only Salsa Colada?

Regina Ladies….Unleash your SEXY!! Salsa Colada is a Latin dance class created by Juliany Qureshi. She uses sexy styling and the upbeat rhythms of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Samba to tone and sculpt your body while giving you self-esteem and confidence. Salsa dancing gives you the cardio that your heart needs, improves circulation and increase respiration. It also strengthens a variety of muscles and bones while keeping your joints flexible.  Ladies only classes are fun, easy to follow and provide you with a feel good workout while learning authentic latin dance steps.

Why Salsarinas?

Provide your child with a fun filled class in which they will learn basic latin moves according to their age. Salsa  Colada uses main stream music to maintain your child’s interest and focus while learning. Performance is required for this class and for that reason classes start in September to June.

Group Events?

Feel free to contact us for any group events, Conventions or Performances enquires.

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